Privately Funded Livery Apprenticeships

In order to provide rigour, the generic requirements are broadly similar to publicly funded schemes, but without the need to engage in Government bureaucracy. LCAS can assist in ensuring that the right support is made available.


LCAS would provide advice on appointing suitable Consultants leading to a consultancy package involving:


  • Coordinate the Livery Company requirements via Trade/Craft Committees
  • Assist the Livery Company to define what should be included in a qualification – this may include additional employer requirements
  • Investigate potential qualifications and frameworks
  • Develop the qualification with reference to generic LCAS framework
  • Develop the detailed assessment plan


It is envisaged that the Livery Company would enter into a contract with LCAS to provide support and a separate contract with the Consultant. Consultancy costs are likely to range from £5,000 to develop an existing apprenticeship training scheme to £20,000 for ‘blue-sky’ schemes. The LCAS support fee would be £1,000. LCAS will maintain a list of consultants with a track record in skills development.