LCAS will provide basic advice into the resources, method and timing of setting up apprenticeships and apprenticeship schemes through a dedicated helpline.

This helpline should be the first port of call for any Livery Company considering starting an Apprenticeship Scheme with a view to possibly obtaining funding either from the Government or private funds.

Once contact has been made, a face to face meeting will be arranged and this first meeting will include discussions surrounding the Company’s requirements, understanding what the Company already supports and determining connections through internal committees and external trade bodies and associations. LCAS will also undertake a scoping exercise into the specific Livery Company’s area of interest and establish if any qualifications and/or training already exists.

This advice will be offered to the Livery Companies at no charge.

LCAS would then be able to offer further advice at an initial fee as to the best way forward to set up an apprenticeship scheme.

The possible outcomes from this initial advice is that assuming that it wishes to move forward, a Company could decide either to look into setting up a Trailblazer scheme or a privately funded scheme.

LCAS would also provide advice on appointing suitable Consultants leading to a consultancy package.

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Kirsty Lining Wheel Spokes  

Kirsty Thomson is now employed at the Royal Mews as Assistant Harness Maker and Carriage Restorer having gained a Distinction at the end of her apprenticeship.


David Davis completed his one year Flight Instructor Higher Apprenticeship in September 2017 with a Merit.


Richard Cooper

“Learning alongside my fellow apprentices was a fascinating and invaluable experience because it allowed me to gain an understanding of just how different individual set-ups are.” “Since embarking on my

Margaret Ginman

Wax Chandlers

“I would like to praise all concerned in this scheme (Bee Farming Apprenticeship). It has been particularly suited to apprentices in a rural environment.”

David Mortlock

Wheelwrights Court Assistant

“I believe the LCAS has created a spark of hope for the future of the Craft/Trade.  It has given the opportunity for Wheelwrights to pass on their skills and once